General Publications

The Underrepresentation Curriculum
on Physics Alive Podcast
Angela Flynn and Moses Rifkin

Use the Tools of Science to Recognize Inequity in Science
at Learning for Justice
Shinae Park and Moses Rifkin

How can I talk about equity in physics classes?
on PhysPort
Danny Doucette, Moses Rifkin, and Shinae Park

Weaving Social Justice Into Science Instruction
on edutopia.org
Moses Rifkin

The Underrepresentation Curriculum
on The Professor Podcast with Ruth and Claire
Moses Rifkin and Johan Tabora

Talking about Equity in Physics Classes
in the APS Forum on Education Newsletter
Danny Doucette and Johan Tabora

Who Does Science?
in The Science Teacher
Moses Rifkin

“Did any of you just search for ‘Physicist’?” Exploring Racism and Privilege in Physics Class
at rethinking schools
Moses Rifkin

Underrepresentation (the elephant in the room)
on The Physics Teaching Podcast
Moses Rifkin

Teaching Social Justice in the Physics Classroom
on Quantum Progress
Moses Rifkin

Academic Publications

Addressing Underrepresentation: Physics Teaching for All
in The Physics Teacher
Moses Rifkin

Teaching About Racial Equity in Introductory Physics Courses
in The Physics Teacher
Abigail R. Daane, Sierra R. Decker, and Vashti Sawtelle

Physics from an Underrepresented Lens: What I Wish Others Knew
in The Physics Teacher
Sofia Herrera, Ikram A. Mohamed, and Abigail R. Daane

Student discourse about equity in an introductory college physics course
from the Physics Education Research Conference
Abigail R. Daane and Vashti Sawtelle

Teaching about Inequity: Shifts in Student Views about Diversity in Physics
from the Physics Education Research Conference
Sierra R. Decker and Abigail R. Daane

Teaching Equity in Chemistry
in the Journal of Chemical Education
Danny Doucette, Abigail R. Daane, Angela Flynn, Chris Gosling, Dana Hsi, Clausell Mathis, Andrew Morrison, Shinae Park, Moses Rifkin, and Johan Tabora

Embracing subjectivity in physics to support student empowerment
from the Physics Education Research Conference
Andrea Wooley, Randeep Basara, and Abigail R. Daane

The Editors

The Underrepresentation Curriculum is maintained by a team of high school and college teachers. You can connect with us via email or on our Slack.

Emeritus Editors

This project has been a long-term effort by a large team of educators. We thank the following former editors for their contributions.

  • Angie Flynn
  • Johan Tabora


We have received a lot of support and guidance over the last few years while putting together this curriculum. While we enthusiastically thank the following people for their help, the editors are responsible for any errors and omissions. Thanks so much!

  • Amy Lindahl
  • Cecily
  • Natasha Holmes
  • Sadie Estrella
  • Tina Cardone